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At Patterson Law Firm, we firmly believe that trust is the cornerstone of what we do. For over 35 years, we’ve assisted clients in greater Orange County and surrounding areas in Estate Planning, Probate & Trust Litigation, Divorce, Child Custody & Spousal Support, Personal Injury Litigation, and Business & Civil Litigation.

We recognize that each case is very personal to our clients. We take the time to get to know you and really listen in order to deliver the best possible result. We have strived for that level of integrity and honesty since opening our doors in 1986.

Our experience and knowledge are only part of the equation. We keep your best interests in mind at every stage of litigation, because the assurance that we are on your side is the true key to all of our wins.

We’re proud to say that our close and long-standing relationships extend far beyond our clientele. In fact, other law firms frequently refer litigation to us, particularly complex issues, because they too, trust our history of consistently obtaining the best results for our clients.

No matter how challenging the case, our attorneys aim to provide the highest level of professionalism and service. We work as a team in planning, strategizing and successfully resolving your case.

Estate Planning

“Christine has always been reliable and quick to reply no matter the need. She has a great team of reliable experienced lawyers with her as well. Together they make up a trustworthy and knowledgeable firm who will provide you with the information and support that you need for any issue. Christine has always been a pleasure to work with.”

-Reviewed by Shannon

“I highly recommend Michelyn Miller and the Patterson Law Firm, APC for your Estate Planning and Trust Litigation needs. When I needed assistance in a probate matter Michelyn Miller, and her staff were professional, fair and caring. She was always available for me, answered all my questions and helped our family work together through a very difficult time. In preparing for my personal future Michelyn Miller helped me arrange an Estate Plan tailored especially for me and my family. I feel comfortable knowing that Michelyn Miller and the staff at the Patterson Law Firm, APC are working for me, my family and our future.”

-Review by Niki A.

“Estate planning is one of those things you think of as important, but feels so overwhelming and complicated, you just procrastinate. Once my husband and I had children, it became critical to have a plan in place if something were to happen to us. I know it sounds terrible, but it’s true. We would never want to leave more headache for our family, if we can help it. We were so grateful to Michelyn Miller and her wonderful staff at Patterson Law for translating the legal jargon for us to understand. She walked us through everything and gave us such a thorough understanding of the process and what it all means. Since then, my parents and my grandfather have met with her to update their plans as well. They loved how she can relate to them and really make this process as smooth as possible. I know that if something were to happen to any of us, she will ensure everything’s taken care of.”

-Review by Heather S.


Family Law


“I hired an attorney who did nothing but take my money in 5 months. Then I hired Alan Metcalf and got my divorce settled in 5 months. He is very precise, ethical and experienced at what he does and isn’t here to just rob you blind and drag things out for his benefit. He’s a straight shooter who prepares clients like all attorneys should including having the hard talks about what is reasonable. But at least he doesn’t BS you to financially charge your bill. I would recommend Alan and Geri to anyone who has the misfortune of needing to hire an attorney for family law. Strong work, I couldn’t be happier!

-Review by Amber S.

“I can’t say enough about Ryan Dryer at Patterson Law Firm. I never thought I would say these words about an attorney, but Ryan is my HERO. I had been dealing with domestic violence and restraining order and custody hearings and had been in the hands of a total of 3 different attorneys prior to him. Nothing was accomplished and I almost went flat broke because of it. Some lawyers wouldn’t even take my case due to the level of violence and concerning criminal activity of the other party. I had lost hope…and then I found Ryan. Ryan from minute one, he let me know he was not afraid and was going to fight for me. And, he did. I have never felt such sincerity and genuine concern. He quite literally saved the lives of myself and my children. He made sure I was safe the entire time and left no stone unturned. And not to mention, I only met him 2 days before the court hearing. And we got everything we asked for. Restraining order, FINALLY, to protect myself and my children, and full custody. Ryan ended my 12-year nightmare in the 2 days that I knew him, and I am forever grateful, and would use him again and again and refer anyone I know to him and Patterson Law Firm.”

-Reviewed by Nicole F.

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