Business Transactions & Formations

Whether you are forming a new business, rebuilding a business after a dispute with a former partner or expanding an enterprise, our attorneys start by getting to know your business, where you’re coming from and where you plan to go. With more than 25 years of experience handling business formations and transactions, you can be confident that we can help your business succeed.

Focusing on Small Businesses of all Varieties
We are committed to meeting the needs of small businesses in North Orange County, including car dealerships, manufacturing companies, professional offices, tech organizations, retail businesses and more.

Our belief in practicing preventative law means that we take the time to foresee potential problems that could arise and then we take the steps to rectify those issues before an issue may arise.

Handling Business Formations
From forming an LLC or corporation to putting together company policies and bylaws, our lawyers will help with everything necessary to get your business off the ground.

Handling Business Transactions
From drafting contracts and non-compete agreements to doing mergers and selling assets, our attorneys are available to assist small businesses with all legal needs that come up on the road to success.

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