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Our attorneys have been helping individuals and families resolve their legal issues all over Orange County and Southern California for decades. With over 25 years of experience in Family Law, Divorce, Civil Litigation, Estate Planning, Personal Injury and Trust Litigation, the lawyers at Patterson Law Firm have the knowledge and talent to bring your case to a successful resolution. We also take the time to listen to your situation and keep your best interests in mind throughout your case.

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Steven R. PattersonAttorney

"We spend a substantial amount of time interacting with our clients to learn their unique needs. The extraordinary level of personal attention and care we extend to each client, in addition to the high degree of honesty and integrity with which we work, has resulted in a myriad of long-standing relationships with former clients, attorneys, accountants and business professionals in many fields."

Alan W. MetcalfAttorney

"The goal of every one of my cases is to achieve a successful and reasonable conclusion in the shortest period of time possible with the least amount of time and money spent."

Michelyn R. MillerAttorney

"I take the time to sit with my clients and let them tell me their story. It is important to understand family dynamics and history in order to help the client achieve their goals."

Christine P. SnappAttorney

"I make the probate process a piece of cake compared to other attorneys who flounder and have to continue their cases over and over. I know exactly what the court is looking for and I’m very good at getting it done in a timely manner."

Michelle WestOf Counsel

Meet Patterson Law Firm’s newest team member.

Robert NewmanAttorney

Robert Newman is an experienced and passionate attorney who has been practicing in Orange County for 26 years.

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