You’re Never Too “Old” To Become an Organ Donor!


A common misconception surrounding organ donation is the idea of being “too old” to donate, or the idea of nobody wanting the organs of someone who is older. This is simply not the case! Did you know that in 2018, more than 62% of all people who received organ transplants were age 50 or older? Or that over 21% of organ transplant recipients were 65 or older?

The fact is, people of all ages can be donors! One of the oldest organ donors in the US, age 92, was able to donate his liver following his death. Thanks to Carlton, a 69-year-old woman suffering from end-stage liver disease was successfully able to get a liver transplant and is alive today and progressing well.  

Organ Donor Misconceptions

Similarly, many people believe their medical or health condition disqualifies them from being an organ donor. This is also untrue! Very few medical conditions automatically disqualify a person from donating, so don’t prematurely disqualify yourself.  Maybe some organs won’t be deemed fit for transplantation, but other tissues and organs may be just fine! Never rule yourself out, a doctor will decide at the time of your death whether or not you can donate, so don’t make any assumptions.

How Do I Become an Organ Donor?

One way to become an organ donor is through your Advanced Health Care Directive. Your family will be left with the peace of mind knowing that your best wishes are being carried out and they didn’t have to make a potentially unwanted decision for you. The Advanced Health Care Directive allows you to make decisions regarding your health care now for the future, including the donation of organs for specific purposes such as education, transplant or even research.

How Can Patterson Law Firm Help You?

If you would like to create an Advanced Health Care Directive, Patterson Law Firm can help.  We have nearly 35 years of experience in creating directives, powers of attorneys, wills and trusts, so you and your assets will be in good hands.  Our attorneys are committed to providing comprehensive estate plans that address all possibilities, even those beyond organ donating. Don’t wait until it is too late! Let Patterson Law Firm add this clause to your plan, or if you do not have a plan, let Patterson Law Firm guide you through the entire process.

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