Elder & Dependent Care Abuse

Nursing homes, in-home care providers and others responsible for the elderly are required to act with care. When they fail to do so and cause harm, either through neglect or through direct elder abuse, they can be held responsible. Patterson Law Firm is committed to helping victims of elder abuse get fair compensation.

Much harm to elders is the result of neglect, to include:

  • Understaffing – perhaps a nursing home is understaffed and unable to properly care for all residents, resulting in bed sores or something worse
  • Improper training – perhaps an in-home care provider is not properly trained and fails to prevent the elderly person from falling in the bathroom

Though these examples are not direct abuse, those responsible should still be held accountable for the harm done.

Sometimes, abuse is not physical, but financial. This abuse could be as obvious as a nursing home staff member stealing a necklace or an in-home care provider taking money out of a drawer. Sometimes, the abuse involves convincing an elderly person to purchase gifts or spend money on a caregiver. No matter what form financial abuse takes, our goal is to get your loved one’s money back.

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