Defending the Trust

Trustees often approach our firm after a family member has threatened them with removal. This challenge sets an extremely time-sensitive group of rules into motion. If you have already received this letter, please contact us immediately, even if only to determine the legal options available to you. Failure to respond to this letter can result in grave consequences for you and your trusteeship.

This threat of removal commonly involves an attorney’s letter notifying the trustee that the unhappy party wants an accounting of the estate. The attorney’s letter also will accuse the trustee of having broken his or her fiduciary duty.

These letters and accusations are standard. With 30 years of experience in trustee controversies, let Patterson Law fight this attack against you as trustee. There is a reason that you were chosen as the trustee. We work to make sure these reasons are re-affirmed and that your authority as trustee is recognized and defended.

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