Removing the Trustee

Many clients come to us to remove the trustee of the estate after previous efforts to communicate with the trustee have failed. Patterson Law Firm understands the difficulty of family dynamics. We have been dealing with non-responsive trustees for over two decades and work to resolve these issues amicably.

Our first goal is to get the trustee to respond to you. Since we also represent trustees, our knowledge of this area of law is comprehensive. As a result, our legal advice anticipates the strategy of the trustee and trustee’s counsel and we keep one step ahead of the trustee.

The demand letter we send on your behalf requires the trustee to respond within 60 days and the trustee must provide you with an accounting of the estate in accordance with the time frame. If the trustee does not respond or does not provide the accounting, we begin formal proceedings to remove the trustee.

The attorneys at Patterson Law Firm encourage you to contact us as soon as possible if you are having problems with a trustee who is not performing the trustee’s tasks. Your rights in this situation are time-sensitive and relying on a family members’ well-meaning but incorrect legal advice does nothing to increase the amount of time you have. In fact, you may be waiving your rights as a beneficiary but not even know it.

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