Incapacitated Parent

The incapacitation of a parent, or both parents, can throw families into chaos. We understand that those involved must entrust a lawyer with some of the most emotionally difficult conflicts, often involving siblings and their families.

Patterson Law focuses on helping our clients achieve their goals with respect to protecting and preserving their families. This often involves advising the estate’s designated trustee to protect the estate as soon as parental incapacity is recognized. In doing this, trustees can preserve their family relationships, but it must be done correctly or complications can result and make problems worse.

We provide unique value to clients because we practice both family and probate law, an unusual combination. We provide legal advice when the family court or probate court does not entirely understand how the two areas of law overlap.

Our 30 years of experience has equipped us to help families manage the conflict arising from the incapacitation of parents as well as to responsibly administer the trust, while assisting in keeping your family dynamics healthy.

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