Trust Funding

Creating a trust is a crucial step in building an estate plan. However, it is not the last step. To be effective, you need to fund the trust. Failure to fund the trust may result in the estate having to go through probate, eliminating estate tax protections.

Most of your assets currently in your name—your house, bank accounts, investments and all other assets have your name on them. Once a trust is created, you fund it by putting your assets into the name of the trust. Of course, since you are trustee of the trust while you are living, you will continue to manage and control your assets. However, if the trust is not funded, it will not function as it was intended to do upon your death or incapacitation.

After we have created your trust, our office continues to work with you until your trust and your estate plan are in proper working order, making certain nothing is overlooked.

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