Domestic Violence

Patterson Law Firm responds immediately to domestic violence situations. Our attorneys are available to help you understand your options so you can move forward. If you have recently suffered domestic violence, please contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Domestic violence is abuse perpetrated against a spouse, former spouse, family member, roommate, previous roommate or the other parent of an abused child. It is abuse when one person intentionally or recklessly causes or attempts to cause physical or emotional harm to another or to cause one to fear harm to themselves or another.

Victims of domestic violence may be entitled to a Protective Order. A Protective Order is a court order prohibiting a party from striking, stalking, threatening, harassing or contacting the victim either directly or indirectly.

Victims of domestic violence should obtain an Emergency Protective Order as quickly as possible. Note that violent contact does not have to be physical. If you feel threatened, even if you have not been touched, you may still be able to seek protection under the law.

Typically, police on the scene will issue an Emergency Protective Order, but it is only good for 72 hours. Our lawyers can go to court with you to obtain a Restraining Order that can provide more permanent protection.

Domestic Violence Defense

Restraining Orders may be misused in order to gain an advantage in other family law areas. False accusations of domestic violence can have significant repercussions on child custody, visitation and support. It also creates a permanent record that could jeopardize your job and future employment opportunities. If you have been wrongfully accused of domestic violence, please reach out to our experienced lawyers to help clear your name.

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